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Simple and fair pricing for multiple requirements


Simple protection for personal and non-commercial projects

Up to 1,000 interactions
1 Site
1 Member
3 Days Dashboard History
GDPR compliant
Customizable design


Perfect starting point for the protection of your website

Up to 10,000 interactions
1 Site
1 Member
7 Days Dashboard History
GDPR compliant
Customizable design


Scalable website protection for a growing business

Up to 100,000 interactions
5 Sites
5 Members
30 Days Dashboard History
OneClick Challenge
GDPR compliant
Customizable design


Improved protection for a large amount of users

Up to 1,000,000 interactions
10 Sites
50 Members
60 Days Dashboard History
OneClick Challenge
GDPR compliant
Remove branding
All prices are in EURO without VAT.

Need more advanced features?

Our Enterprise plans are tailored to a high number of users and additional requirements.


All-in-One solution for fraud and spam protection

Up to 100,000,000 interactions
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Members
Unlimited Days Dashboard History
SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On
Personal support
Enterprise SLAs
OneClick Challenge
GDPR compliant
Customizable design

Included with every plan

Worldwide availability

We host your captcha on our worldwide CDN to ensure it loads quickly no matter where your visitors are from.

Adaptive Bot Protection

The multi-layered technology behind CaptchaFox protects your website from automated attacks carried out by malicious bots.

Respect for privacy

We respect the privacy of your users and are DSGVO compliant. Therefore, we do not employ cookies or trackers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are interactions counted?

Interactions count the actions a user initiates during verification and refers to a call to the CaptchaFox API like generating a new challenge or evaluating a request.

Can I use the same plan for multiple sites?

Yes, you can add multiple sites depending on the plan and they all share your monthly interactions. When they are no longer enough you can quickly and easily switch to a larger plan.

Can I try CaptchaFox before buying a plan?

Yes, you can test CaptchaFox once for 7 days for free. Before the trial period expires, you will be notified by us via email.
If you are pleased with our service, we will automatically charge your credit card after the trial period.
If not, you can delete your account and you will never hear from us again.

What happens when the interaction limit is exceeded?

We don't charge for occasional usage spikes, nor do we shut down your account if you reach your plan limit early. There are no surprise fees or extra charges, just fair prices.

Instead, if you exceed your limit, we'll contact you to update your account. From there, you can decide whether to upgrade or cancel your account.

Which payment methods are available?

For payment, a credit card is deposited during registration and used for payment processing via Stripe after the trial subscription expires. In case of a failed charge, you will receive an email to update the card information.

After deleting an account, the stored payment profile and payment method will be removed in Stripe and never charged again.

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