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Protect a WordPress website from bot attacks with CaptchaFox

Last updated on March 7, 2024

Protect a WordPress website from bot attacks with CaptchaFox

In this article, we explain how to integrate the CaptchaFox plugin into a WordPress website. With our provided plugin, you can make your application more secure by asking users to perform a CAPTCHA check before submitting forms.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system that makes it possible to create a website, blog or app without any programming knowledge. Around 43% of all content on the internet uses WordPress.

Step 1: Installation of CaptchaFox

To get started, you need to install the CaptchaFox plugin in your WordPress instance. To do this, go to your WordPress admin interface and select Plugins in the navigation bar. Then select "Add new plugin" in the plugin interface.

Search CaptchaFox

Next, use the input field to search for CaptchaFox.

Add new Plugin

You can now install this plugin and then activate it by clicking on "Activate".

Step 2: Configuring the captcha

To be able to use the captcha, it then needs to be configured. To do this, select Plugins in the navigation again. There you will find all the plugins you are currently using, including CaptchaFox. To make it ready for use, click on "Settings" in the CaptchaFox plugin area.

Configure CaptchaFox

Now add your "Site-Key" and your "Secret-Key" first. You can find the site key in the CaptchaFox Portal under the site details after creating a new site. You can find your "Secret-Key" under Settings in the "Keys" tab.

Add Site and Secret Key

Now you have to choose for which plugin you want to activate CaptchaFox. To do this, switch to the Plugins tab and select the appropriate one. In our example, we are using Ninja Forms.

Choose Plugin

Step 3: Preparing the form

Now that you have activated CaptchaFox for your form, you can add the widget to it. As mentioned above, we are using Ninja Forms in our example, but the procedure can be applied to all supported forms.

First we create a new form with Ninja Forms, we have chosen a simple contact form with name, email and a free text field. Next, add an additional field.

Add new field to form

Now select CaptchaFox and add it to your form.

Choose CaptchaFox for Ninja-Forms

Next, you can publish your form and use it on your website.

Publish Form

Step 4: Adding the form to your website

Finally, you only need to integrate the form you have just published on your website. To do this, open your website in edit mode and add a new element. In our example, select "Ninja Form".

Choose Ninja Form

The corresponding widget is now added and you can select the previously created form.

Choose Form

You have successfully integrated CaptchaFox into a form on your website. You can see the result in the following image.

CaptchaFox on Website

Next Steps

Great, you have now successfully integrated CaptchaFox into your WordPress website!

If you want to dive deeper into the integration, you can read the official documentation.

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